The Twilio Cookbook

The Book Of Twilio, now in it's second edition!

Welcome to the relaunched Twilio Cookbook home!

Since the second edition of the Twilio Cookbook just came out, I thought I’d redo this site.

I also wanted to add a blog area, so I can post updates, more Twilio tricks, and just all around fun stuff.

Live Blogging with Twilio and Simperium

This is a tutorial I wrote on my personal blog that I wanted to share:

Live blogging is pretty handy, when attending events, it never hurts to be able live blog about the latest new gadgets.

We’re going to build a simple live blogging app using PHP, Simperium and Twilio.

This particular live blog solution is set up for one event, this means all posts to the phone number we specify will show up.