The Twilio Cookbook

The Book Of Twilio, now in it's second edition!

I’m Roger Stringer, and I’m a web and mobile software developer in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. I wrote the Twilio Cookbook.

I work heavily with Twilio , PHP, third-party APIs (developing and consuming) and WordPress.

I am the founder and sole developer of FlyBase , which is powered by Twilio and enables people to schedule and record interviews.

I also blog heavily at my personal blog,


@freekrai : My personal account.

Are you available for interviews,  speaking, etc.?

I am available for speaking, depending on availability, on a wide range of topics from startups, writing, Twilio, PHP, API or WordPress development. Please contact me if you’d like to speak about these type of opportunities.


Feel free to contact me any time about anything!